Seven questions to be better self-aware

Questions bring clarity.

In this article, you will find seven questions that help you to be better self-aware.

But before we proceed, please note that these questions were taken from the video (Seven questions to be better self-aware).

The video is available at the end of this article. So, if you prefer to watch videos, you can jump to the bottom and watch it instead of going through this article.

And, if you are interested in the text version, here you go:

1. Do you remember anyone or anything you hated five years ago? And looking back, do you think it even matters now?

This question tells us how often we get upset and angry about something which is really not going to matter in the next few years.

Today, many things can disturb you, but if you see a larger picture of life, these tiny things that upset you today do not even matter.

Going more in detail about this question will also help you identify these small things that easily make you upset. And it will be a first step toward becoming a person who does not get upset.

2. What would you do if there are absolutely no limitations in terms of money, resources, time, or networks?

Just imagine a scenario where you cannot fail, and now what will you do with life?

The answer to this question will help you identify the things you want to do, but you are afraid to do it.

And if you don’t already know the answer, you should definitely spend some time to find out what brings you happiness. 

3. How many promises have you made and how many of them you have fulfilled?

It is always hard to keep the promise, but if you keep all the promises you made, if you are a man or woman of your words, believe me, you will be valued a lot in the longer run.

The answer to this question will also help you learn if you are making unnecessary promises, which you can not even fulfill.

This will be then the first step towards stop making all the unnecessary promises.

4. Is there any habit you know that is a bad habit, but you are not able to let it go?

– Many times we spend years living a life of bad habits without even being aware of it. We act lazy and stupid. But once you will find out the answer to this question, you will become super conscious of your bad habits, and if you have a will, eventually with time you’ll end up working to replace your bad habits with the good ones. And it all starts with first being aware of your bad habits.

5. For whom you will be ready to break the rules?

– Breaking the rules always comes with a cost. And if you can break the rules for a person that means you value that person more than yourself.

Now, you might already know everyone you love and care about. But the answer to this question will bring a new level of clarity to your mind.

6. What will you do if there is no punishment or consequences at all?

Many times, we have a deep desire for something. But we hold ourselves from doing it because we are afraid of the consequences. 

The answer to this question will put you face to face with your inner desires. In a real sense, you will learn of all your desires, be it good one or dark ones. And once you become aware, then it is up to you whether you would like to pursue it or get rid of it.

7. If you would die now, would you have any regrets?

– The answer to this question will tell you about your unfulfilled dreams at this moment. Going deeper into this question will make you think if you should continue doing what you are doing or is it time to make a new start.

And this completes the seven questions.

Try this – Spend some time in solitude, ask these seven questions, and it will definitely help to be better self-aware.

If you also know such questions, please write it down in the comment.

As promised in the beginning, here is the video:

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