What is keeping you away from living the life of your dream?

I am not here to talk about success.

If you want to find how to succeed, it is all there. You will find thousands of videos and articles on all the proven methods and discovered techniques on success.

That’s why, today, I am here to talk about the question.

That question is – If you can learn most of the things on the internet, what is stopping you? What is keeping you away from living the life of your dream?

The typical answer I hear today is that – It is a digital distraction.

Maybe. Maybe the digital world is eating most of your time. Maybe you consider that technology is bad.

The truth is – whether you consider technology as bad or good, the technology is here to stay with us, and it is not going anywhere.

If that is true, then wouldn’t you agree that we must learn how to stay focused?

I know – as simple as it sounds, my personal experience says that it is really really tough to focus.

The challenge is that we many times fail to focus because it is more comfortable checking the notifications or continue to just scroll down your social media feed.

But, just hold for a moment and think – Today, if you can just stay focused on what matters the most – it is the superpower in this digital world we live in.

Yes, we really need to focus all our energy on why we want to make it happen?

And, we need to focus on creating the best version of ourselves.

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