Are you asking the right questions?

I can’t believe it is already the month of December. Have you realized how quickly the year went by?

Like every year: The year-end brings memories, achievements, gratitude, and retrospection. And, the new year indeed comes with new goals and hope.

Before concluding the new year’s resolution, I have decided to take some time and answer a few questions as a self-retrospection. As I am going to spend some time with these questions, I found these questions worth sharing with you. I hope it will add values for you as we are moving into the new year.

Here is a list of questions:

If this year’s goals were not achieved, does it make sense to take a moment and ask why? What went wrong? Is there anything you could have done better?

Does it make sense first to ask: Am I climbing the right mountain? If no, does it make sense first to find your mountain? But, if you are already climbing the right mountain, then what is missing?

What should you focus on – the goals or the process of achieving it? Do you think the first step should be to identify the process? For example, which new year’s resolution would be better – “I will complete my second book” vs. “I will write for one hour every day”

Would you then agree that if we focus on small habits, it can make a big difference? It helps you achieve your goals and defines your lifestyle?

If the answer is yes, what are the new habits you would like to develop? Most importantly, what do you think are the bad habits that are holding you back? Are you ready to leave them behind walking into the new year? Would you make an effort to list them down? If yes, when? Is it possible today? Why not now? 

How often you ask such questions to yourself? How often do you think you should ask such questions?

In general: Do you think asking the right question adds value? If yes, what is your plan moving forward to ensure that you will ask yourself the right questions?

Does it also make sense to explore other questions to ask? Do you already know the question? If yes, please share it in the comment.

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